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Giada Giachino

jewellery designer

That’s the thing that people don’t understand, that this shell is the origin of the cameo work. There are often so many steps between the raw material and the final result, that sometimes we don’t understand the value of the things we see. My process is really analysis, iteration, then refining the design to its essence, then making them.
— Giada Giachino on 1Granary


With a background in Fashion Design, Giada Giachino has always been interested in material innovation and in the application of traditional techniques in the contemporary jewellery production. Her leading project, PER INCISO, has been developed during the two-years MA at Central Saint Martins in London.

Apart from her jewellery brand, Giada collaborates with fashion designers and artists, developing her consulting practice.


PER INCISO investigates the traditional cameo jewellery production industry processes, to understand whether sustainable approaches might be able to re-frame them for a contemporary market place.

The project aims to re-estabilish the relationship between jewellery and the user by focusing on the holistic, innovatory yet sensual materiality within these objects.


PER INCISO is designed and produced in London by Giada Giachino.

The shells are sourced from workshops in Marcianise and Torre del Greco, Naples (Italy).