Giada Giachino

jewellery designer

Collaboration with Krasimira Stoyneva

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A new year's collaboration has started with fashion designer Krasimira Stoyneva for the F/W 2017 show featured in Ones to Watch/ Fashion Scout.

The innovative use of materials Per Inciso is the leader of could not remain confined at the jewellery field: we are proud to announce our collaboration with the fashion designer Krasimira Stoyneva.

Associated with Stoyneva’s synthetic hair and bold outfits, Giachino’s collection of unique pieces will have its time in the spotlight during the presentation of new collections in a runway, featured by Ones to watch.

Playing a major role in raising the profile of emerging talents throughout the participation at fashion and design-related events such as London Fashion Week, Ones to watch is going to be the launch pad for Giachino’s and Stoyneva’s collaboration: once joined together, their pieces won’t be missing on the catwalk!

When two talented minds are connected, there’s no doubt the outcome is something unique, challenging and rewriting traditional limitations and possibilities of clothing with style.

Here the images from the catwalk.