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Collaboration with Krasimira Stoyneva

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A new year's collaboration has started with fashion designer Krasimira Stoyneva for the F/W 2017 show featured in Ones to Watch/ Fashion Scout.

The innovative use of materials Per Inciso is the leader of could not remain confined at the jewellery field: we are proud to announce our collaboration with the fashion designer Krasimira Stoyneva.

Associated with Stoyneva’s synthetic hair and bold outfits, Giachino’s collection of unique pieces will have its time in the spotlight during the presentation of new collections in a runway, featured by Ones to watch.

Playing a major role in raising the profile of emerging talents throughout the participation at fashion and design-related events such as London Fashion Week, Ones to watch is going to be the launch pad for Giachino’s and Stoyneva’s collaboration: once joined together, their pieces won’t be missing on the catwalk!

When two talented minds are connected, there’s no doubt the outcome is something unique, challenging and rewriting traditional limitations and possibilities of clothing with style.

Here the images from the catwalk.


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Spring is coming and you are asked to disclose all your personality!

Wondering how to do it? You have no better chances than mixing together exuberant garments and colours with jewellery pieces by Giachino's Per Inciso. A simple and minimal skirt or t-shirt automatically gets stylish if you wear it with unique pieces!

Per Inciso necklaces and bracelets that appear sculpted at first sight, can actually be worn easily, if matched in the right way, to create an unusual and- at the same time – polished style: flattering every type of figure, these outfits have lots of possibilities to become this season must-have!

To give the impression of a lively and strong woman there's nothing easier than incorporating the pieces you already have in your wardrobe with the items of Per Inciso online shop.

Photography by Vicente Mateu

Styled by Dana Verri

Shoes by Liz Ciokajlo, Krisha Bejal, Aly Blanchette.

Eyeglasses Gaia Marcattilj.

Knitwear Anna Milada Grossi.

Apparel Krasimira Stoyneva.

by Lorenza Milanesi @lorenzamilanesi

Per Inciso is on Luxxdesign

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Totally dedicated to Made in Italy, exalts the Italian savoir faire in talented designers’ collections.

In this frame, Per Inciso shouts out that “innovative materials can reframe […] the traditional Italian jewellery market”: the collection plays with the ambiguity behind the understanding of precious and value. Can discarded material be considered valuable when re-shaped with artisanal skills?

The collection is online and in store.

Read here the press release.

By Lorenza Milanesi @lorenzamilanesi

Per Inciso is on MiAL

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Applying a design method to sustainable issues leads to one-of-kind outcomes.

In a context where design struggles to deal with tradition, lobsters, mussels and shells by-products are upcycled and put under the lens of cameo jewellery techniques.

Even the most unconventional project becomes possible, if it gets the right aid: the student-run organization MadeInArtsLondon supports and promotes emerging talents, promoting their marketing in the art environment.

Per Inciso has been proudly selected for this project that will run for and the whole collection can be bought at Made in Arts

by Lorenza Milanesi @lorenzamilanesi


Per Inciso at Brain Waves

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What is design intelligence? Brain Waves, the exhibition held at the Lethaby Gallery from 17th September to 29th October 2016, highlights it.

Divided into 4 themes- Creative ForensicsEmpathic InventionHaptic Thinking and Shifting Reality- the exhibition presents  the work of talented new graduates.

A number of 10000 visitors in one month, the coverage on magazines during the London Design Week and the proximity with Designs Junction are evidences of a concrete success.

In response to traditional Cameos production, Giada’s project explores the potential of wasted materials, offering an uncommon possibilty to innovate jewellery techniques.

Counting on the support and the collaboration of the University of Maine and Cameo Italiano, Giada integrates byproducts with new flexible approach.

You can have a look at the catalogue on

by Lorenza Milanesi @lorenzamilanesi

One to Watch/ Giada Giachino

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The story behind PER INCISO is related to the ambitious project of incorporating innovation and sustainability with an aesthetics drawing its inspiration from the Italian coral jewellery of Torre del Greco.In the field of jewellery production that sees coral as an endangered species, you can no more rely on, giving an afterlife to wasted lobster and mussel shells represents a way to blend artisanal methods with sustainable materials.

The designer Giada has come up with a material that shares the same features as coral and can be potentially extended to wider applications.

To know more about the off-stage and the future steps and goals of PER INCISO career journey, visit

by Lorenza Milanesi @lorenzamilanesi

Per Inciso on Jewelleryscape

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Such innovative project could not pass unnoticed: the jewellery blog Jewelleryscape features Per Inciso, insisting on the essential and initial questions the jewellery collection takes its first steps from.

Reinventing the contemporary cameo jewellery throughout a new language and material is the appropriate answer for the sceptics who wonders if traditional production can be reframed.

Giada Giachino sees beyond the traditional use of lobsters and mussels: if once they were merely exploited for the fishing industry, now they offer an unusual possibility to think about byproducts as an icon for a sustainable jewellery industry, opening a path nobody had ever walked upon before.

by Lorenza Milanesi @lorenzamilanesi