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Light Matter

Kind of witty and punk, Jordan Söderberg Mills is an interdisciplinary artist from Ontario, Canada. After attending the Art History at Trinity College at the University of Toronto, and Architecture at the Universidad Diego Portales, in Santiago, Chile, he work as blacksmith apprentice with master sculptor Francisco Gazitua in the foothills of the Andes. He moved later to London for the two years MA in Furniture Design at Central Saint Martins.

That's exactly were our paths crossed, I was at the first year, Jordan was a senior of my course. I will always remember his presentation to our peers (an old tradition of the course, aim to set the standards, and a perpetual anxious/competitive mood, in my case): Jordan showed a 10x25 cm table prototype made exclusively of layered sheets of glass. I don't remember his pitch, that was still not really clear, I just  remember that Jordan had a small light.

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Maria Gasparian, Colour Ceramic City

A big city like London is not always an inclusive space: the metropolis tends to absorb lives and cultures, creating an impersonal unicum.  For a city that speaks over 300 languages and hosts more than 50 non-indigenous communities, looking for a sense of identity is a painful necessity.

This is one of the starting points from where Armenia-born Architect Maria Gasparian has started her MA Ceramic Design at Central Saint Martins. She believes that architectural ceramics can make a vibrant and interesting contribution to public spaces, whilst exploring important cultural references and being a high-quality, sustainable building material.

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