Flyte Drinks and the new age of energy drinks

photography by Vicente Mateu

photography by Vicente Mateu


As a jewellery designer, it is rare for me to start an hectic day without ingesting some form of caffeine, for me usually in the form of a double espresso, straight from the cup. 

I am Italian, so culturally and personally, I had to deal with coffee from early age, at the point that anything but 100% Arabica makes me sick (no jokes, I start with tremors, until I get to feeling high and nervous). However, while coffee has been proven to provide some health benefits, it has also been linked to side effects such as increased risk of hearth attacks in young adults and high blood pressure.

Additionally, coffee delays our bodies from experiencing exhaustion instead of energising it and has addictive properties caused by delayed dopamine absorption in the brain, which make us feel that mood boost from caffeine every time we drink coffee.

So I began looking into caffein alternatives, such as energy drinks. Nevertheless, I discovered that all the main drinks I used to have where high in sugar, produced with low quality ingredients, and definitely not good for my blood or waistline.

Then I got Flyte. I was quite sceptic about an energising drink that defines itself as 'Clean Energy Drink'. 
I have to say that I had to eat (or drink!) my words.

First of all, all the Flyte drinks come in a uber-fashion packaging, that is also easy recycling (hello glass! Bye bye plastics) and bag friendly. 
The flavours are OK, I have tried Green Mango, my favourite, Red Berries and Citrus Lemon. And yes, they don't taste like cheap flavouring powders. 

But the best things is, they are made with green coffee beans. If you are a coffeeholic as me (I use coffee powder for scrubs,too) you will know that green coffee extract is the trendiest weight loss ingredient; apart from that, green coffee beans are loaded in antioxidants and pharmacologically active compounds, like caffeine and Chlorogenic Acid, that is usually removed during coffee roasting.

One of the other important experience I had with this drink regards the energy curve: coffee usually hits me hard after half an hour, so when I drink a usual cup I would feel exhausted, then super-energised, then exhausted/dehydrated again, and then Inget another cup. If I get coffee in the afternoon, I would feel sleepless until late night, which I realised it led me to a vicious loop of massive coffee addiction- I used to have almost three cups per day!

Flyte is gently invigorating the body, it keeps me focused and hydrated for long, and allows me to keep on going while making me feel healthy. Flyte drinks are 100% sourced from nature and low in calories, made with organic caffeine, non GMO and carbon positive.

What I believe Flyte could improve is in providing a sharing experience: coffee time is, as Italian especially, a moment of meeting, discussion, break but also a little comforting me-time. Is there an equivalent in the energy drink world?

You can order Flyte online and find out more about this amazing start up here.

photography by Vicente Mateu

photography by Vicente Mateu

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